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             ABOUT US

The Leamak group is a pioneer & leading manufacturer of confectionary and lozenges in India. This group is into business since the past 70 years and is making Lozenges since past 25 years. We have a state-of-the-art modern German and other European equipments to produce high quality products. To add on, there is a sprawling 2,80,000 sqft manufacturing facility to produce confectionary and pharmaceutical products. There are more than 12 production units along with an excellent well equipped quality control laboratory to support manufacturing services and conduct all analysis in house. 

At leamak, our aim is to always maintain high quality standards and implement technologies that are highly efficient and effective in the manufacturing process. Moreover, we enforce safety standards that can prevent work-related injuries and accomplish solutions that increase productivity. We attribute our incredible success to our ongoing devotion to products and manufacturing processes facilities that comply with the stringent quality control criteria.


To organise one of the finest global manufacturing hub for Cough Lozenges and Confectionery manufacture


Using cutting-edge technology along with the greatest range of equipments to produce high quality products at the best price. 

Our products are well distributed across India and apart from selling within the country, the products are exported to several other countries such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Tanzania and many more. 

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